Thursday, 30 January 2014

Value Added Services by Chadaro Taza Tazaa


Chadaro Tiffins provides various value added services to its customers. A few of them are Corporate Lunches, ›Catering Services, Corporate Catering, Catering for Conferences, Catering for Events Birthday Specials, ›‡Anniversary Specials, ›Get–To–Gethers and ›Thali on Long Distance Trains. They take orders from Corporate houses, schools, Birthdays and other occasions which are bulk orders. They also have kids breakfast and lunch catering to children who want variety of foods everyday and at the same time are healthy and hygienic. Bulk orders can be placed in advance and the menu can be decided by the customer. They leave a mark on every customer with their delicious food.

Thalis on Long Distance Trains is commonly seen today. Chadaro tiffins provide breakfast, lunch and dinner during train journeys. The customer needs to place an order and he can avail his food at the next station. Infact, Lunch box delivery happens on most of the customer's seats itself. If people are tired of the usual pantry food in trains, they can avail nutritious and tasty food by ordering at Chadaro. The prices remain within the budget and good quality and experience is guaranteed. 

Even though it is delivered after it has been prepared after a long interval, the food remains fresh and tasty. To give the traveller this experience, advance delivery systems are operational. Chadaro addresses school tiffins with great care and takes care of the quality and taste of the food. It has successfully taken orders from various schools in Mumbai. Chadaro has thus, successfully acquired customers and it continues to take good care of them.

Importance of Jain Vegetarian and Vegetarian food

Vegetarian is a growing trend in India because of awareness about its health benefits. It is believed that Vegetarians live seven years longer than meat-eaters. Especially people who are health conscious tend to become vegetarians. Vegetarian food has antioxidants and various medicinal properties that protect us from the risk of cancer and other health disorders. One of the popular conception that has led to people turning Vegetarian is weight loss. Vegetarians are thinner than meat-eaters because Vegetarian food contains less saturated fat and calories.

Jain Vegetarian food which is very common among most people in India, is followed strictly by people following Jainism. It is a religion that is extremely strict about every aspect of life - what to eat, how to live, when to fast and so on. It considers certain foods like meat, onions, garlic, vegetables grown underground, vegetables with roots and so on unacceptable for consumption. They have their strong reasons for that and every person who follows Jainism has to abide by these laws like eating meat is unacceptable because one indulges in violence on animals and doing bad karma has a bad reaction karma.

Chadaro tiffins realize the importance of both these foods and thus, offers Vegetarian and Jain Vegetarian tiffins for breakfast, lunch and dinner. It caters to that part of the society which loves to relish food in view of these restrictions. Because of low availability of such foods in hotels and street stalls, people face problems with respect to their diet. It ends up being expensive and non-manageable for them, especially people who work in Mumbai. They can have their tiffins delivered to their offices through Dabbawallas. Chadaro offers Vegetarian and Jain thali services in Mumbai. One can also order for breakfast tiffins and dinner tiffins from the list of options mentioned in their menu. It thus, wishes to provide for peoples needs and increase their love for food more.

Wednesday, 29 January 2014

Traditional Indian food

Indian food has numerous ingredients that make it delicious and lip-smacking. It is always fresh and tasty. The traditional Indian food is always relished by people of all age groups - youngsters, adults and the aged. Most people in India prefer 'Taza Tazaa' i.e. fresh and home-made food. It protects against heart problems, heart attacks and obesity problems. Everything in an Indian dish has ingredients which are beneficial to the human body.

The spices, herbs, vegetables.....all are an important constituent of traditional Indian food. They have certain medicinal properties like Turmeric, one of the ingredients which is frequently used in Indian dishes, is a natural healer of the human body. It can be applied externally on a wound or can be consumed with milk to cure the body of various health issues. Similarly, Spinach, a vegetable, is a huge reservoir of iron and is a natural remedy for people suffering from iron deficiency. Roti or Chapatti as it is pronounced, is a rich source of energy and carbohydrates while, Red chillies, which are commonly used, are rich in Vitamins A, B and C.

Such traditional Indian food  is an important constituent of an Indian's life. Chadaro tiffins recognizes this importance and thus, engages in providing home-cooked style food to its customers. Their aim is to leave the customer satisfied with the quality and experience. Chadaro does not compromise on the quality or the taste. They believe that home-cooked food tastes different everyday and thus, they try to provide the same to their customers. Chadaro has researched on each and every aspect of Indian food, especially the growing trend of Vegetarian food and Jain Vegetarian food in India (Veg Tiffins and Jain Veg Tiffins available).

Tuesday, 28 January 2014

Tiffin Service in Mumbai

Mumbai is a city with a hectic lifestyle where people have to be on their toes all the time. This causes people to ignore their health and consume unhealthy food on the streets or restaurants. Such foods have high amounts of contaminated ingredients which compromises on the health of the people. Most of them who are migrants face a problem of expensive food in Mumbai because of their cutting down on costs. This includes student migrants too (hostelites). 

Secondly, the job locations seem quite distant and travelling such long distances takes a toll on one's health. Moreover, there are working mothers today who might or might not find time to prepare their own tiffins. Many people today in Mumbai have become health conscious because of an increasing awareness of health disorders and maintaining a healthy lifestyle. In all these cases, there is an urgent need for nutritious food consumption in order to stay healthy. 

In Mumbai, home-cooked food is only available for people who have maids at home or who have families here. But the others face a huge financial problem when it comes to hiring a maid and at the same time they need to be health conscious too. Moreover, good and nutritious vegetarian food and jain food is not properly available. It thus brings us to consuming home-cooked food i.e. tiffin service available in Mumbai.

Mumbai tiffin service industry has seen Dabbawallas and other tiffin services which offer nutritious and home-cooked food in various offices and at home. They have a delivery service which has a high level of accuracy. One of the top tiffin service providers in Mumbai is 'Chadaro Taza Tazaa'.
They offer Vegetarian and Jain Vegetarian tiffins to customers. They have a variety of options to choose from right from the breakfast menu to the dinner menu with new rice, vegetable and dal everyday. 

They want the customer to have a 'ghar ka khana' experience and so they take care of the nutrition in the food, hygienic facilities in the kitchen and no preservatives in the food. They use sunflower oil and RO treated water and have their own unique specially ground spice mix which is used for food preparation. Also, the meal costs are comparatively low i.e. a meal starts at around Rs. 45. 

It is an experience worth undergoing. A very cost-effective and hygienic way for staying healthy are the benefits of connecting with Chadaro for Mumbai tiffin services

Friday, 24 January 2014


Hello Everyone,

This is Surabhi Deshpande. I am currently pursuing my Master of Arts degree in Public Relations from Mumbai University. I have been born and brought up in Mumbai, a city that never sleeps. For me, life has always been simple, complications are not my cup of tea. I did not have to juggle between transfers and schools and friends and even cities. I have been in the same city since my childhood. But I always dreamt big. I wanted to travel, talk to people, make friends, go to college, live life free of any baggage, in fact I am doing just that. I have travelled quite a lot within India and abroad and whichever place I have set my foot on, I have made friends there. I have also been in touch with them ever since.
I like broadening my horizons so that I can live life the way I want to. I like living my life in the true sense, being mentally present wherever I am, taking in the breath of fresh air, the sound of nature, keeping up with the city life, and living in peace. I don't think I need big pleasures in life, I crave for small pleasures which make me happy. Now, enough about me and here is an introduction to this blog. 'Chadaro Taza Tazaa' ( is a venture of 'Shree Trikutaa Square Meals (P) Limited' offering home cooked quality food for busy professionals and outstation students in Mumbai and Thane (Tiffin service in Mira Road, Vasai etc). The company offers Vegetarian and Jain Veg food only in disposable PP sealed plates. 
The Company vision is to be a leading company in the district for offering home cooked, quality, food for corporate, working professionals, bachelors and students in Mumbai. The Company Mission is to ›strive continually to offer truly and traditional Indian Vegetarian home-made food, to serve and maintain Environmental sustainability, Animal Rights and Health and they believe they are on this earth to co-exist, and that is why they decided to become a vegetarian. Chadaro Tiffins is a venture for all the true food lovers.
Surabhi Deshpande